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Milkcrate for Communities

MilkCrate for Communities

MilkCrate is a unique community-oriented company that brings rewards to people and companies that act in environmentally conscious ways. They developed an app that connects users to a community of people, shops, and events who have like-minded commitments to make society better for themselves and their neighbors.

Cool! But how’s it work?

Having a comprehensive app is awesome, but with so much to do within the app, it needs to be communicated quickly and effectively so users don’t get overwhelmed. That is why they wanted a short animated explainer tutorial to walk users through the app experience on their first visit.

Animations Help Explain

The beauty of animation is that you can take a complex concept and succinctly explain it with ease. Here, we were able to effectively show the ideal process of an app user without the stops and starts of an actual person using it. MilkCrate was able to show their entire app flow in a cool, creative, and interesting way, aimed at getting a new user started off on the right foot.

Testimonial From the Client

We called upon GB to make a quick explainer video for our new app, MilkCrate for Communities. Not only did they do it at an affordable rate, but they went above and beyond our expectations in regards to quality, and delivery. They thought through every detail, asked helpful questions, and ultimately delivered an exceptional end product that we've been so happy to share with our users. We've already recommended their services to peers, and plan to use them for our next video need!

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